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Indonesia fastener market large transmission

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Source: Chinese screw network editor: Chen Xiaoyan browsing number: 182 release date: 2013-11-29

Indonesia, one of the southeast Asian countries, the fourth most populous country in the world, and at the same time is one of the largest economies, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) agriculture, industry and service industry in the national economy plays an important role. Agricultural productive economic crops, palm oil, rubber and pepper production in the world. Is to strengthen the export-oriented manufacturing industry development direction. In recent years, the Indonesian manufacturing are growing faster than economic growth. Indonesia in 2012 manufacturing growth at a staggering rate, the overall growth of 6.2% year-on-year, export processing has topped $122.2 billion, up 24.6% from a year earlier, both in total exports and growth rate at a record high. Because of its rapid growth, Indonesia is predicted to grow 6.2% in 2013 manufacturing industry.


The Asian development bank released report predicts that asean development prospects in 2013, Indonesia's economic growth will reach 6.4% in 2013, 2014 will reach 6.6%, the highest level in nearly 15 years. Adb analyzed the three factors to promote the growth of the economy: a minimum wage increase, public service sector wage growth, and personal income tax threshold reduction, factors such as the 2014 presidential election, will lead to the Indonesian national consumption continues to grow, continue to become the biggest power led growth in Indonesia; 2 it is Indonesia's sovereign debt rating to raise, increased infrastructure budget, and gross domestic product (GDP) continues to grow, will drive the investment increase; Three is economic growth rebound this year, China and other countries will help the Indonesian export recovery. At present, consumption, investment and international trade is still in Indonesia three momentum of economic growth. In addition to the above three factors, Indonesia's six economic corridors investment and stimulating domestic demand of a carriage.


In February 2011, Indonesia announced the construction of six economic corridors, it is a for 14 years from 2011 to 2011 vision economic development plan. The six economic corridors are economic corridor Sumatra, Java, economic corridor, economic corridor kalimantan and sulawesi economic corridor, Bali - noosa gallas economic corridor, Papua, maluku economic corridor. Construction projects are as follows:




In February 2012, Sumatra economic corridor projects have been started, the program will be completed in 2014, major infrastructure projects include: through Java highway, connecting the first and the second largest city, Jakarta in Indonesia surabaya double-track railway and so on, these projects will greatly boost the Indonesian fastener requirements, while stimulating domestic demand, also for the growth of the global fastener play a very important role in driving.


According to statistics, in 2006-2011, the global fastener sales increased 5.2% per year, the international industry market research firm Freedonia group projects, according to the annual growth of 5.2%, global industrial fasteners sales by 2016 to $2016.




By six economic corridor project and influence the global economic recovery, Indonesia fastener demand rising. And Indonesia as asean's largest economy, its benefit in the benefits of China's economic development, China is also due to the economy development. In 2011, trade between the two countries break through $60 billion, up nearly 50% in 2010. Now, China has become the largest class of oil and gas trade in Indonesia partner and largest source of imports and second largest export market. Fastener trade is also gained momentum, in 2012, wenzhou fasteners on Indonesia's exports increase rapidly, up 232.83% from a year earlier, in May 2012 monthly exports of $3.469 million, increased 15.97% year-on-year. Pa. Watch the data show that in 2012, Indonesia's largest imports is the mechanical equipment, followed by the chemicals, fuels, etc., the main import countries and regions are China, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions.


Since 2008, when Europe and the United States and other countries since the anti-dumping to China, Chinese enterprises gradually introduced European and American markets, thus increasing investment in southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries. Due to the geographical advantages, exports to southeast Asia countries rapidly rising proportion. But to avoid the European and American anti-dumping risk at the same time, China's tight companies in the export to other countries, should improve their own quality, with quality and service to gain market recognition, only in this way, the cake will not lead to early withdrawal for swallowing too fast.

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