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Building fastener is about building quality and fastener steel has yet to be hard life

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In recent years, Chinese architectural field of new materials, new technology, new method and new ideas, new design to emerge in endlessly. But, in the construction and decoration industry, there is one area has been seriously for a long time, has serious drag on the construction of further development, and even to our country national economy caused a great loss and waste. This area is our country construction and decoration in the fastener tighten and connectivity products.


Look at a few news: on August 13, last year, the wuhan tianhe airport was suddenly 12 class gale, terminal roof was torn. "In my head, suddenly heard a loud noise in the roof, the roof was off, foam flying everywhere is!" Passengers recalled. And on December 21, 2008, the airport has also been 6 levels of winds, lifting a roof for a 23 meters long and four meters wide, the huge gouges where whole pieces were missing. For the airport of the cyclone, the most magical is remarkable the capital international airport T3 terminal building, its roof was in December 11, 2010, on November 24, 2011, March 9, 2013 have been wind tore open hole 3 times in a row.


Similar roof was wind jie situation in our country, especially typhoon frequently in coastal area, every year there is a lot of, cause huge injury and property damage to life. "The cause of the situation, apparently roof failure caused by securing the containment system." Jiaxing state machinery technology co., LTD. Huang Yuezhi think, fasteners in the whole system of building and decoration, while value low, volume small, but its role is crucial.


According to rough statistics, the construction area, about dozens of varieties, thousands of various specifications of the fasteners, their usage situation and environment is ever changing. Huang Yuezhi said the fasteners as building or decoration fittings between the parts and components, in addition to bear the body with the structure of the basic functions, also must adapt to come from temperature, ultraviolet radiation, vibration, corrosion environment, load, alternating stress, shear and torsion test, because often among the most critical key points, the effect of these factors on fasteners, harsh, even much more than the construction test of the main components of the degree. Therefore, in the field of construction, triggered by fastener failure has been high probability of engineering accidents.


It is understood that carbon steel self-drilling screw with tapping screw, generally for carbon steel and low carbon, low due to the corrosion resistance of low carbon carbon steel, so the screw generally must go through the plating or coating and other surface treatment to improve its corrosion resistance. Is the working mechanisms of self-drilling screw with tapping screw, in use process, first of all, is as a sharp drill bit will be tighten base material drilled a prefabricated hole, and then as a tap in metallic prefabricated distributed attack make the thread, the last is a threaded fittings for concluding tighten. So self-drilling screw with tapping screw itself is essentially by "bit + screw tap + screw fittings" three parts, belong to the functional fasteners. Due to the use, in the process of drilling and the front part of the thread as the tool of penetration and tapping, inevitably after severe extrusion, puncture and friction, so the surface protective layer will more or less damage, especially in thicker harder substrate used (stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminium plate, etc.), almost destroyed the screw surface protective layer, after the assembly, screw itself iron essence is fully exposed to air, natural corrosion problems will follow.


Therefore, for functional self-drilling screw with tapping screw and self tapping screw, any surface treatment, such as plating or coating, all can only play a limited protection, only improve the screw material corrosion resistance is the only way to prolonging the service life of such functional fasteners.


"Although China is a fastener production country, is also the first steel-producing countries in the world, but with the development of the steel fasteners production started relatively late, seriously affected the construction and quality of life in our country." China's mechanical generic components industry association materials advisers are fasteners professional association, said: the most widely in the construction industry in our country, the biggest impact of the fastener life does not match the case, when the light steel structure roofing containment system in the application of self-drilling screw with tapping screw. At present, the annual completion inspection and acceptance of hundreds of millions of square meters of light steel structure building roof retaining system, almost 99% of the above application is handled after the plating or coating of carbon steel material self-drilling screw with tapping screw, cause this kind of building life generally only 5 to 30 years.


According to China's "general principles of the civil building design (try out)" regulation, it is generally believed as the main body of civil building structure building durable fixed number of year is divided into four levels: level of durable life of more than 100 years, is suitable for the important buildings and high-rise buildings. Secondary durable life of 50-100, it is suitable for general construction. Level 3 durable life of 25 to 50 years, be applicable to the secondary structure. Level 4 durable life of 15 years, applicable to temporary construction.


"If the durable life of above consideration, at present our country building industry widely used carbon steel self-drilling screw with tapping screw, self-tapping screw and lock high torque of high strength bolts are only applicable for level 4 the following temporary buildings for 15 years." Huang Yuezhi said.


But in real life, concerns tend to focus on building on the corrosion resistance of material, very little attention to the matching fasteners with the corrosion resistance and service life, so that the steel structure of metal containment system, doors and Windows, fence, rain Yang awning installation, light steel structure, air conditioning and ventilation, decoration, partition and so on many fields, is still widely used carbon steel fasteners. As long as we are looking out, completed in less than 10 years of construction, such as roof rust, loose or corroded, doors and Windows, door handle or the door lock is loose, partition or condole take off, large ventilation pipe pieces to fall etc. Phenomenon is full. Therefore, in the subsequent property management have to invest a lot of manpower material resources for replacement and maintenance, and to the general public's work and life bring a lot of discomfort and a huge loss and waste, and even life threatening.


So, what kind of functional to use fasteners, to ensure that a building design life? Huang Yuezhi think for functional self-drilling screw with tapping screw, self-tapping screw, locking torque higher fasteners (when using will damage the surface of the type of fastener), here there is only one standard: that is the first to see fastener material itself, fastener material must be far superior to the architectural advocate material is qualitative, both mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. In the field of construction, in view of the pursuit of maximizing the value of building itself, and the life of stainless steel fasteners are our first choice, especially the martensitic stainless steel fasteners, its excellent mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance almost satisfies all the requirements in the field of construction, is worthy of attention and promoting high-quality fasteners.


"At present, China is the world's largest fastener producer, but has been facing the claims for the quality problem, it because the steel quality closes nevertheless case fastener product occurrence quality problem to account for a large part of fastener steel in our country is still in strengthen the innovative research and development, the expansion has to meet strict quality standards under the premise." One industry source said.

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