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In 2013, global stainless steel production reached 38.1 million tons China accounts for nearly half

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Recently, the international stainless steel BBS, according to preliminary data released in 2013 global stainless steel production growth of 7.8%, to 38.1 million tons; In addition to Western Europe and Africa, achieve growth in all areas.




In 2013, Asia outside China stainless steel output of 8.8 million tons, an increase of 0.8% over the previous year. Regional growth difference is very big, India's growth of 5.4%, a 3.7% drop in Taiwan, China, Japan and South Korea in line with the previous year.


Chinese stainless steel production share continue to improve, accounted for nearly 50% of the worldwide. 18% growth in 2013 stainless steel production, speed up 3.8 points from the previous year, 19 million tons.


Stainless steel output fell 4.3% year on year, Western Europe and Africa is 7.5 million tons, France, Belgium achieve 5.1% and 4.6%, Britain and Germany a double-digit decline.


America and central and eastern European stainless steel production increased rapidly, American output reached 2.5 million tons, 3.6% growth, central and eastern Europe increased by 13.6%, to 400000 tons.


In 2013, 200 series stainless steel (CrMn) market share fell to 21.0%, the 300 series (CrNi) dropped to 53.7%, the 400 series (Cr) to 25.3%.

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