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As the saying goes , " small screws , couplings World" , from the satellites, spacecraft , down to the machinery and equipment, household appliances, are inseparable from the small screws. Therefore , the important role of small screws in the national economy and people's livelihood in sustainable development is pivotal .
Hardware Co., Ltd. Luo Sifu growth and expansion is rooted in reform and opening up , the development among small screws with the spirit of obscurity for the city 's economic construction and urban development to contribute. Three generations of Shenzhen and unswerving efforts Pinbo , innovation , relying on a strong corporate team and the production, supply , marketing integration marketing network, play Zeluosifu Hardware Co. everything fastener products , stable and reliable product quality, reasonable prices and high quality distribution services, has won the trust of customers and support, " the Shenzhen and Shanghai brand " has become an important integral part of the machinery industry .

New year, Luo Sifu Hardware Co. in creating a harmonious , great process efficiency , Luo Sifu Hardware Co. will continue to quality and efficient delivery service fastener products as a good " supporting role " and continue to play a " small screw "the spirit of service to the community , to meet the needs of all walks of fasteners , building blocks for the city to accelerate the development and make new contributions.
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